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Olympic Trampoline Format

Trampolining has a vocabulary all its own. Moves include fliffis (a double somersault with a twist), triffis (a triple somersault with a twist), Randolphs (a forward somersault with 2.5 twists), Rudolphs (a forward somersault with 1.5 twists) and baranis (a forward somersault with a half-twist).

These moves, and others, go towards completing a set of criteria each routine must meet.

These include one landing on either the front or back of the body, a single- or double-somersault with at least 1.5 twists; a forward- or backward-somersault with or without a twist; and a forward or backward somersault including at least a full twist.

The Olympic competition involves a qualifying round and finals. In the qualifying round, each competitor is required to perform a compulsory routine and a voluntary routine. The top 10 competitors advance to the finals, where they each perform a voluntary routine.

No time limits apply to routines, but they have to display 10 recognized skills.

A total of 24 athletes will take part in the trampolining at the Sydney Olympics, 12 each in the men's and women's competitions.

To qualify, competitors needed to finish in the top 10 at the World Championships in South Africa last year, or be one of the two wildcards awarded for each event.

The trampoline is made up of a metal frame supporting a spring bed. It measures 5.05m by 2.91m and is a little over 1m high.

The bed is made from nylon or string and is around six millimeters thick.

The safety platform, a large, thick mat, is placed at either end of the trampoline.

Trampolinists compete in either socks or gym shoes.

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