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Olympic Artistic Gymnastics Format

The artistic gymnastics begins with a qualification round. Each nation in the teams competition comprises six people, but only five compete on each apparatus. At the end of the qualifying round, the top eight performers on each apparatus and the top six teams overall progress to the finals    The "7-6-5" rule: seven gymnasts comprise a team, six athletes compete on each apparatus, and the top five scores on each apparatus count towards the team total.

Scores from the qualification round are not carried over into the finals. In another change from Atlanta, artistic gymnasts are no longer required to perform compulsory routines.

In addition to the six apparatus competitions for the men and four for the women, the top 36 gymnasts after the qualification round take part in the all-around final which measures each gymnasts' skills on every apparatus.

In both the men's and women's competitions, 98 gymnasts will take part. Seventy-two of these will take part as members of teams, the other 26 will be individuals.

Nations ranked 1318 are allowed to enter two gymnasts each. The next nine best-performed gymnasts are granted entry, with a limit of one per country. The remaining five positions in each competition are granted according to wild cards, one from each continent.

Nations rather than individuals qualify for the gymnastics, meaning those who performed at the World Championships will not necessarily be selected for the Olympics.

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