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FIG Regulation
Gym Standards


Height: 125cm + or - (48.8"-49.6")(from given measurement point to floor

Measuring Tape
Vault Runway measuring tape starts at the front edge of the vault table.
Meet site must provide the following minimum measurements:
F.I.G. Runway 78' min.-82' max
J.O. Level 8, 9, & 10 uses F.I.G.
J.O. Level 7 minimum runway 72'
J.O. Level 4, 5, & 6 minimum runway 60'

Uneven Bars
Low Bar Height: 166cm+or-1cm (65"-65.75") - From bottom of rail to floor
High Bar Height: 246cm+or-1cm (96.5"-97.25") - From bottom of rail to floor
Spread: 130cm to 180cm+or-1cm (50.75"71.25") - From inside to inside of rails

Height: 125cm+or-1cm (46.9"-49.6") from top surface.  Its length is defined as 5 meters.


Working surface: 12m x 12m+or-3cm (39'4"-39'6")

Pommel Horse
Height: 115 cm+ (or 44.9"-45.7") - From top of surface to floor

Height: 280 cm+or-1cm(109.8"=110.6") - From bottom inside of ring to floor, and 50cm apart.

Height: 135 cm+or-1cm(52.8"-53.6") - From given measurement point to floor

Height 200 cm+or-1cm(78.3"-79.1") - From top of rail to floor

High Bar
Height: 280 cm+or-1cm(109.8"-110.6") - From top of bar to floor

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