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Clip Art


We recommend that you check out these great sites for clipart on any topic:
Microsoft Design Gallery Live
- then search the subject you are interested in.
Google Images
- then search you subject (some 18,000 gymnastics images reside here - photos included)

Here's some Clip Art you are welcome to use on your literature or website.  You can "right click" on the clipart to download to your computer.  If you click on the images with the box around them, a larger version of that same graphic appears that you can download.  These images have been created or gathered here by US Gyms and its visitors.

beampix2.jpg (12141 bytes)

logogymnast.gif (43391 bytes)

beambridgewedge.jpg (12307 bytes)

ringhandstd.jpg (10807 bytes)

harvst02.jpg (10139 bytes)

gymnast10.gif (2200 bytes)

HandStandBeam.jpg (9618 bytes)

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